About Us


“Behavioural health is something which isn’t understood well enough anywhere: in society, in the media, or in schools. It’s time to make that change”!!

The Mind Research Foundation was established with a commitment to create a positive impact in the society by directing people towards recognizing the importance of Behavioural Health, normalizing conversations and facilitating de-stigmatization of Behavioural Health. Our endeavour is to encourage those living with Behavioural health conditions to get the help they need, and ensure those who need help or are vulnerable have access to excellent support, acceptance, and resources they deserve.”

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.”

— Dr Maya Angelou

The Mind Research Foundation has established itself as a Leader in evidence-based behavioural health. The organization has also progressively made its mark in the Global Behavioural Healthcare space by focusing on filling the gap between Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Healthcare and unyielding dedication towards research, discovery, application and advancement of clinical solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of psychological and psychosomatic ailments.

The MRF Team feels passionately about the limitless potential of the brain ; and has seen first-hand the positive impact of “thought centric” approach towards thought care interventions. Embarking on the journey of exploring neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness training and it’s impact physically and emotionally on human beings with a special emphasis on children, led the founder’s on a larger quest, that is “ to improve the overall state of well-being of people be it in personal or work settings”

The Mind Research Foundation Team provides clinical excellence and support to individuals who require interventions for a wide spectrum of Behavioural health conditions that affect thinking, behavior human interactions and much more. Each client at our center receives an up-close-and-personal, thorough assessment by our highly qualified and capable consultants, ensuring diagnostic accuracy through psychological evaluation, Behavioural work-up and clinical observation. Our clinical team is made up of compassionate, highly experienced professionals trained in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities and approaches employing them to all meet the needs of each individual client. The MRF Team always aims at going above and beyond to give our clients the best possible opportunity to transform their lives and heal inside out!