Athoz Connect- "Say it" Interactive Voice Service for Alcohol Management

We are glad to introduce to you an annual alcohol management program that allows you to manage & understand your alcohol habits & issues with a completely confidential and scientifically proven approach.

The service includes a daily automated call from our “Say it” team which includes a question, exercise or a thought that allows you to talk/ record your response to it with our service without any real person listening to the same at that time.

Our team listens to your recordings at a later time and suggests our systems to send you the next interventions on your phone on the next several days based upon your responses.

Please enter your contact details below to enable us to activate this service for you. At this time we are offering a 10 days free trial for our service which can be renewed after expiry by making a payment at the options below:

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Pay for 12 months renewal: Rs. 3000



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