Athoz Prevent- Integrated Diabetes Management Program

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At Athoz, we intend to promote health through behavioural changes and attempt to prevent illness in other ways as well.

As a team of Doctors, Psychologists and Nutritionists, we try to help people to lead a healthy life by the use of various techniques and technology which can help people to make long-lasting changes in their own lives by using our integrated diabetes interventions.

These techniques are specifically designed and used to modify an individual’s food habits, medication management, behaviour, emotional state and feelings.

We compile the benefits of Integrative Medicine to give you the best alternatives to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Athoz Prevent is an annual subscription based program that allows you to use our therapies and interventions in bundles to create an overall positive effect on your health.

If you are at risk of diabetes then the program focuses on prevention and connects the risk factors with an extremely complex health analytics model that helps you monitor and reduce your risk by daily efforts.

For those who are already managing their diabetes with Medication and diet we make use of our integrative techniques to improve overall health and reduce the medication levels thus maintaining weight and reducing other health risks.

Athoz Health Analytics supports each of our members to keep a track of their overall body with the help of our complex data analytics techniques and measures.

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