Mindfulness- Here and Now by Dr. Ellen Langer

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A Mindful Approach to Living

Welcome to our new Mindful Living application! We appreciate you taking time to help us review this intervention on its new internet platform. You will find activities that over 35 years of research tells us will often increase feelings of control over one’s health and one’s quality of life. This “beta test” that customizes these activities for the MS community is presented to you in an online format that we hope is easy to understand and to use. For review purposes, rather than require that you complete every exercise, we will explain what is intended by them and where they will be presented in the final application. You can do any number of activities to “test out” what you think, but you need not do them all. We look forward to your feedback on any aspect of this program: the language, the activities, formatting and videos!We have inserted text boxes throughout the application for you to type any feedback. You can track comments on your own notepad and then type them into the text box, for example, or simply type whatever you have noted into the feedback boxes. We will now start with the introduction to the program as it would appear on an internet platform. We will put specific annotations to the text to help you move through the 4 week program.

Happy Surfing!

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