4 weeks
All levels
9 lessons
0 quizzes
1260 students

The program Discusses Mindfulness in details and various techniques that help to be mindful.

Inclusions: Animated Videos, Discussions & Short Lessons

Creator: Psych Hub

At Psych Hub, we’re reimagining education for behavioral health by shifting focus from “one and done” eLearning to ongoing, meaningful engagement with the dynamic and ever-expanding resources of our platform. With this unique approach, Psych Hub helps advance providers’ journeys from knowledge learned to behavior changed. Psych Hub offers solutions for Behavioral Health Providers, Healthcare Clinicians, and Mental Health Allies. Our content and resources are delivered in multiple formats to meet every learning style. Each Hub hosts a robust collection of evidence-based courses, short videos, podcasts, text-based resources, digital tools and a community forum to learn about the latest interventions on how to best support people facing mental health challenges. For more information, visit www.PsychHub.com.

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