The Resilience Program

8 weeks
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**ResPlus+ is a scientific and application-based approach that will help you bring out the best version of yourself. The 8 Week program is oriented towards Peak Performance for by using “Resilience To Recharge” . The intended outcome is to create a routine of researched, regular, reasonable, replicable routines , reinforcing behaviors and rituals that recharge you and help you Rebound into an Invigorated Mindset.

The next eight weeks is like putting a lab coat on and experimenting with your own body and mind to see what grows. Just like going to the gym for your body, this is an eight week training program for your mind. By committing to this program you have given yourself a wonderful opportunity to see how good you can feel from the inside out.

It is important to keep an open, curious attitude to the next eight weeks and be kind to yourself- there is no need to judge yourself if you find any of the practices difficult. The key here is to make P.L.A.N.S (Prioritize Lasting And Nourishing Self-Care) by carving out regular time each day for self-care and practice. Just like playing an instrument or learning a new skill, what we practice we get good at.

The entire program uses a practical, scientific, and application-based approach to engage you in a series of small but intentional reinforcing behaviors that will allow you to avoid burning out, and instead, burn bright & show up as your best self in your professional and personal life. It will equip you to:


  • Start a resilience journey by establishing your personal baseline.
  • Explore personally meaningful and relevant tactics to recharge physically.
  • Practice skills and habits to mentally and socially recharge.
  • Move past vicious cycles and step into sustainable virtuous cycles.
Rethink, Recharge, And Recalibrate In The Face Of Unrelenting Challenges