Dr. Suhasini Das

Dr. Suhasini Das, MD is a psychiatrist practicing in Athoz Centre for Thought Care ( A Unit of The Mind Research Foundation), Indiranagar, Bangalore. She did her MBBS from Guwahati Medical College and Hospital and post-graduation in psychiatry from Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP), Ranchi which is a premier tertiary psychiatric institute in the eastern part of India. She has extensive experience of dealing in various types of psychiatric cases ranging from depression, anxiety disorders, OCD to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, addiction etc. She also has dealt with all the age-groups, from tiny-tots, adolescents and children, adults, couples to elderly patients. [expand title=”Read More”]Apart from medication management, Dr. Das is also well-versed in delivering psychological therapies like Cognitive-Behvaiour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) among others. She also has interest in research work and conducted a study on OCD in adolescents and children as part of her thesis during her post-graduation. She has participated in various national and international conferences and presented papers and posters.
She is actively involved in patient care at the Centre, and has a holistic approach when it comes to patient management. Besides clinical work, Dr. Das is also involved in training process and has conducted many training sessions for other staff in Athoz Centre for Thought Care. She has been a invaluable resource to us from the time of her joining and we look forward to continue working with her. Through the myriads of magical and fulfilling experiences, Dr Das feels that she has developed empathy over the years and can has a special connect to children and their families. In her clinical practice, she hopes to make a difference, however little, in people’s lives.