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Mental Health Advocacy

Striving To Create Awareness on Mental Health

Reaching Out To Support and Spread Knowledge about Positive Mental Health

We started with a single steering principle and still find ourselves moving forward with it “The advancement of people’s wellbeing through the Mind.” WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 11.58.11 PM (1) What started out as a general mental health clinic has now become a mental health organization which dabbles with not just cure but awareness and prevention as well. The Mind Research Foundation was comprehended with the view of bringing an overall change towards mental health in the society and with each passing day, we are able to reach towards this perception.

state lib 2 4 (2) This perception gave birth to our flagship offerings which were created with the vision of our organization. We don’t just believe in taking care of patients and vulnerable people, who are diagnosed, supported and cared for, or at risk, because of mental health needs; but to enable people embrace mental health as a part of their overall wellbeing.


We managed to this by not just giving clinical expertise to clients suffering from mental health problems but also by providing general population with awareness sessions, workshops, seminars on a wide range of themes all pertaining to mental health. Our collaboration with Rotary, gave us access to underprivileged kids who are more prone to sexual harassment, cyber bullying and so on.

IMG-20180516-WA0000 Keeping this in mind, awareness sessions are conducted each month with kids of government and other schools where we touch a wide spectrum of issues like ‘Good touch/bad touch’; ‘Resiliency building’; ‘Emotions and Mind’; ‘Career guidance’; ‘Impact of social media’ etc. We believe that when our wellbeing is high, we feel connected, supported and safe, have good physical and mental health and a sense of purpose.


We are more likely to be able to cope with life’s difficult events, and are less vulnerable to mental health issues. Similar efforts are being made in the corporate sector, where awareness sessions are provided on topics like stress management; time management and so on.

Work-Life-Balance-2Have the same thoughts and want to work for the same cause: Write to us at info@themindresearchfoundation.org or call us +91-80-2520-2055; +91-80-9596-7889 (Bangalore) +91-78-3794-7532 +91-172-2592531 (Chandigarh)

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