Our Approach

The team’s approach at The Mind Research Foundation aims at providing the best care and treatment to the client who is going through a stressor and is unable to resolve it. With OUR 4 PILLARS as a backdrop, our approach to therapy is symptom based rather than diagnosis based approach.
We don’t believe in labelling the client rather we focus our energy in providing a guided opportunity to explore events and feelings that has led to the current situation, followed by an approach to handle them better.
Therapists at The Mind Research Foundation believe in specific form of therapy which is tailored around individual’s mental, physical and social health conditions. An unhurried examination with time to listen to the patient’s stressful thoughts and feelings. Stressors can in form of the following:
Manifestation of one or combination of the aforementioned generally accumulate to form stressors in client’s life. Eclectic approach helps in keeping the client’s needs above and not restricting their exploration of painful events to a particular kind of therapy. The approach which is carefully chosen will have tools and techniques of most advanced innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technology available.
Psychoeducation is important as it allows the client and his support system to deal with the condition from an informed position. As it is often difficult for the patients and their family members to accept the patient’s symptoms, thought-education helps in solving the former problems.
approach 2
The follow ups (once in 3-6 months) are basically a continuation of the emotional support and reinforcement that was available to them during their sessions at the Mind Research Foundation. The Mind Research Foundation believes in providing highest quality of care with compassion, empathy, respect and trust.

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