Our Collaborations

Global Exchange of Best Practices in Mental Health – An Innovative Approach

Human beings across the globe are the same and hence are their emotions, feelings and mental health issues. As a mission The Mind Research Foundation aims to create mechanisms that accelerate the sharing of change efforts and innovations across participating organisations from different countries using evidence-informed theoretical and practical approaches. Our aim is to increase the capacity for effective knowledge exchange in mental health by connecting people, ideas, and resources on a global level. The goal is to reduce the time from innovation to implementation to improve mental health while focusing joint efforts on:

  • Building capacity & infrastructure;
  • Research and tool development;
  • Utilizing technology to ensure continual youth connect

Sustained transformational change can only occur when systems become better equipped to solve local problems using the best available approaches, while taking in view the prevailing best approaches globally. Through our coveted partnerships and collaborations we choose to do just that!

At MRF, we value partnerships and collaboration. Our future strategy relies heavily on our strategic selection of people and successful partnerships around the world. We believe that by working together, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best value for our clients. That will help us to set new standards in our industry and improve the quality of life of people connected.
We are open for exploring global partnerships and look forward to hearing from you on the same!