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Providing “One Stop Solution”, The Mind Research Foundation provides for the best mental health counselling online and offline through its team of expert therapists, relationship counsellors, and trusted psychologists, for multiple areas of expertise under one roof for easy, comfortable and affordable counselling experience.By offering a range of expertise and services under one roof, it can help individuals find the support they need to overcome their struggles and improve their mental well-being.

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Positive Pschology

Thought Centric Approach

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Unexpected Mood Swings

Stress & Anxiety

Irregular Sleep Cycles

Conflict Resolution

Communication Issues

Anger Management

Work-Life Balance

Job Loss or Change


Couples Infidelity

Motivation & Goal Setting

Mood Disorders

Self-Confidence & Esteem

Body Image

Harmful Thoughts

Isolation & Loneliness

Strained Relationships


Memory Issues

Concentration Issues


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we provide the best quality service?

Focusing on the symptoms rather than the label or diagnosis, The Mind Research Foundation provides the best quality care with our well-experienced psychologists who will try their best to meet your needs.

Why will I need counseling or psychotherapy?

No matter what stage of life you might be at, you might be going through some stress or difficulty in your everyday life with respect to work, friends, or family. We help you deal with these stressors and navigate your way to a fulfilling life.

Is Online Therapy Safe?

We at The Mind Research Foundation take personal information privacy seriously. We make great efforts to ensure that all communication between you and your therapist – written, audio, and video are safe and confidential. Your safety is our priority. Our experts are also trained to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct by keeping your information private.

How Long Does Therapy last?

Therapy involves a structured, time-bound and collaborative effort from both the therapist and the client. Both need to work together to uncover the root of the problem and generate realistic solutions. Brief therapies have definitive goals and involve 3 to 4 sessions with cognitive feedback and homework exercises to initiate self-change. For long-standing issues and personality problems, this may take more time. For the initial progress to kick in, regular weekly sessions with a therapist are important. Change is typically evident by the 3rd of 4th session although a single session can also be transformative. Once the initial crisis has been resolved, the sessions could be switched to every two weeks or monthly in order to reinforce the skills that have been learned in the previous sessions

Can I reach out to my therapist during an emergency?

The Mind Research Foundation team helps you with coaching, counseling, and therapy to ensure sustainable gains. At this stage, we do not handle emergencies. Also, to protect your and our expert’s privacy and confidentiality, we do not provide the personal contact information of either party to the other. Over the course of therapy, if an emergency does arise, we suggest you seek help at the nearest hospital or emergency room where you can connect with a psychiatrist, social worker, counsellor, or therapist, in person. We also recommend you involve a family member or a friend to assist you in times like these.

How long does one session take?

Apart from our in-take session which lasts around 30-45 mins, every other session lasts around 50 mins to an hour.

What’s the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

The key difference between psychologists and psychiatrists is that while psychiatrists diagnose issues and give medication (if required), psychologists use different techniques to handle various kinds of issues, and help clients through the process.

What’s the difference between counseling and psychotherapy?

Counseling is provided to those suffering from general life issues leading to problems in their day-to-day life and is a short-term process. It’s best for those who have an idea of well-being and are able to solve their problem.

Psychotherapy is for those with psychological problems built over a long period and is a longer process than counseling. It helps people identify emotional issues and problems and thought processes.

How is an MRF session different from a call with friends and family?

It is relieving to talk to friends and family in person about what is bothering you because it feels like you can get things off your chest. Professional counsellors however, have the skills and expertise to give your conversation meaningful direction. They aim to understand your feelings in the context of your reality and experience; and help you explore your options so that you can arrive at your own goals for self-change. They can empower you with interpersonal, social, or communication skills and restructure faulty patterns of thinking by replacing them with positive coping techniques. This can empower you to cope with the problem such that therapy is not subsequently needed. Your family and friends may give you advice, but counselors help you to help yourself and pull you out of dysfunctional patterns.

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