Pregnancy Stress Management

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Pregnancy Workshop Bangalore

Pregnancy Workshop Bangalore

Athoz – Center for Thought Care is taking the privilege to organize a workshop for men and women who are expecting a beautiful gift in their life, so as to make their experience or journey from the time the family plans the baby till the time the seed grows into a fully developed plant and is ready to be nurtured with love and care by both the parents.
The workshop will help families who are going through pregnancy or are planning or have just delivered their baby.
Get an understanding of how you can make the experience of parenting a beautiful one, starting from the day you plan to expect your baby till the time the baby becomes an integral part of your life. Learn to use the power of thought, mindfulness, thinking and awareness in Creation of Life.
1. Thought-education
Information transfer, symptomatology of the disturbance, causes, treatment concepts, etc.
2. Emotional balance
Understanding to promote, exchange of experiences with others concerning, contacts, etc.- Assessment, Measurement of thoughts using questions and other techniques.
3. Assistance to self-help
Thought therapy, as crisis situations are promptly recognized and what steps should be taken to be able to help each other
4. Continued Thought care
Being consistently aware of your thoughts and understanding them.
The workshop is to be held at the premises of Athoz- Centre for Thought Care, 2283, 14th A Main Road Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India.
The focus of the workshop is on the pregnant and to-be pregnant families their feelings, emotions, and experiences that pregnancy brings along with it – many of them joyful, welcome, and wonderful.
Although there is more awareness today than in the past about general emotional wellness and the way it is affected by our thoughts, which are not merely restricted to the post-delivery period of the pregnancy journey.
This conceptualization, which has been labeled the bio-social model, views health and wellness as the product of a combination of factors including biological characteristics (e.g., genetic predisposition), behavioral factors (e.g., lifestyle, stress, health beliefs), and social conditions (e.g., cultural influences, family relationships, social support).
There is emerging evidence that empowering families and addressing their thought needs can be healthy and effective. By helping them manage not just their pregnancy state but also common underlying needs for thought support, coping skills, and sense of control, their health outcomes can be significantly improved.
Thought interventions operate by influencing underlying, shared determinants of health such as attitudes, beliefs, and moods that predispose towards health in general.
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