Quit Smoking Kit

Marcharse Quit Smoking Kit

Gift yourself a Smoke Free Life

Marcharse QUIT IT is a Quit Smoking Kit which uses a scientifically proven approach towards Quitting. The program helps you to quit with greater confidence and ease. The kit includes 3 telephonic calls (20 minutes each) with a Therapist at scheduled intervals, a 4 months SMS service and a Quit Kit with tools, worksheets & exercises designed for Quitting.

The Quit Smoking Kit includes:

1. Telephone Therapy: Three Telephonic/ Video Therapy sessions (20 minutes each) with a therapist. These calls are planned to help you discuss your issues, cravings and problems in a completely confidential and anonymous manner. The calls last for 20 minutes and take place at scheduled intervals based upon your Quit date.

2. SMS Service: Four months SMS subscription with 2-20 SMS per week. You will be getting SMS on your registered mobile number, the SMS have tools, exercises, tips and other information that help you in the Quitting journey.

3. Quit Kit: The kit includes information and detailed worksheets for you to use at various times which is informed via SMS and shall help you understand/ facilitate your Quitting Journey.

The above techniques have been successfully implemented by more than 100,000 ex-smokers globally and have helped them in Quitting with confidence and ease. Invest less than 1 month’s Smoking cost and save for/ your life.

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Buy the Quit Smoking Kit at: Rs.1,499/-



Frequently Asked Questions:
Question 1. What is included in the kit?
Answer: The kit includes exercises, tools and information about the Quitting journey. You may take copies of the material if you wish to use it a few times.
It also includes the details for the SMS subscription that runs on your registered mobile number to receives regular updates, information to facilitate the Quitting process and make it easy for you.
The Telephone Therapy session information can be received once you register the kit online. You can register the kit here: http://design.themindresearchfoundation.org/register-your-quit-kit/
Question 2. Is there a guarantee that I will be able to Quit Smoking with this kit?
Answer: The Quit Kit facilitates your Quitting process and increases your chances to quit to about 35% which is generally 5% if you try to quit without any assistance.
Question 3. How do we use this kit?
Answer: The Kit has 3 components that help you in the Quitting process:
1. Telephone Therapy: used over the phone or video chat after scheduling a time with your Quit Guide, who is appointed on the registration to the service.
2. SMS Subscription: Once you register you will start to receive guidance and details about your quitting journey via sms
3. Worksheets & Tools: These are sent in the kit when it is delivered to you and are meant to be used as per instructions sent on SMS.
Question 4. Is this a proven method to Quit Smoking?
Answer: Yes, the kit uses scientifically proven methods to help you Quit Smoking. More than 100,000 people have been able to Quit using these methods.
Question 5. If I fail to Quit then can I use the kit again?
Answer: You can use the information in the kit as many times as you want by taking copies of the same. The SMS service is limited to a 4 months period and you can set your Quit Date within these 4 months period. There are 3 Telephone/ Video Therapy sessions (20 minutes each) included in the kit, you can use them only once.