Become a Behavioural Sciences Expert- Green Belt

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Recruiting Members for Behavioural Sciences Network
We are recruiting individuals with interest in Behavioural Sciences to become a part of our Network to support the society & their organisations in a positive manner. Each member shall be introduced to basic concepts of understanding behavioural traits of other individuals in their work/ home environment and shall be given tools to help them.
Each shall be connected to other members for generating greater understanding of behavioural issues and how they can be managed better.
The Benefits of enrolling into a Behavioural Sciences Network include the following:

  1. Learn more about other individuals Behaviour & Reasons for the same
  2. Get an additional Badge on your Resume that makes you more confident in life
  3. Contribute back to the society by supporting others
  4. Connect with others having similar interests in monthly meetings

Neurons-Behavioural Sciences Network- Green Belt

Neurons is a program that allows individuals to create more resilience within themselves to help others who may need their support. The Program is suitable for all adults above the age of 18.

Program Inclusions:

By the end of the Program an Individual shall have a greater Understanding of the following:

1. Basic People Behaviour Issues

2. The reasons why people behave in certain ways

3. Remedies & corrective action that can help facilitate positive behavioural change

Program Process:

A Project based learning approach is followed with Case Studies, Group Discussions & Practical Sessions. Email, Online & telephonic support is offered to all individuals to get greater familiarity of the process, approach and the complete program.

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Duration: 3-6 Months


1. By the end of the program you will be connected to a Network of individuals who shall work with you and share their learning & experiences for improving the Behavioural Health of the society.

2. Get a Certificate of Completion

3. Highlight your Capacity to be more resilient on your resume

4. Increase the scope of every opportunity you get for a better future by enhancing your own Behavioural Skills

Program Fees: Rs. 5999 for Neurons- Green Belt