Reeba Mariam Oommen


Ms. Reeba Mariam Oommen

MSC- Psychology

Ms. Reeba Mariam Oommen has completed Master’s in Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore University. Her experience includes working with children in the age group 3-15. She has worked with special children with disabilities like Autism, Down’s syndrome, Developmental delay, ADHD etc. She has been trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis with respect to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her experience also includes working with clients who have undergone domestic violence, abuse, emotional trauma etc.
She focuses on the holistic well being of an individual wherein an eclectic approach is employed using therapeutic techniques involving Mindfulness based therapies, Psychoanalysis, Cognitive therapy, Humanistic approach etc. Her area of expertise lies in issues with regard to depression, anxiety, stress, childhood behavioural problems, interpersonal problems, relationship concerns etc. She also has experience conducting and evaluating psychological assessments on children and adults. Psychological therapy, for her, is a therapeutic relationship between two people wherein one helps the other gain insight and awareness of their thoughts, behaviours and emotions which will bring about clarity thereby helping the individual lead a holistically fruitful life.