Stress Management and Self- Care – A Modern Man’s Dilemma


“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” – Sydney J. Harris
In recent times, increasing attention is being paid to the stress that women are facing; but the need for stress management and mental wellbeing of men is often neglected. Numerous researches highlighting the deleterious impact of stress on both men and women have emerged. Men are supposed to be “rocks,” impervious to stress. But recent research focuses on how men are more vulnerable to certain mental health disorders than women. Therefore, it becomes crucial to spread awareness in this area, especially in this fast changing and ever demanding world.
To promote the idea of mental well being amongest working men, The Mind Research Foundation conducted a session with the members of the E.O Forum, Ludhiana. The main objective was to address stress related concerns encountered by the working men in their occupational and personal lives; thereby providing them with life hacks in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and effectively manage stress.
The session was conducted on 5th October, 2017 at Hyatt Regency, Ludhiana , Punjab. It was a 2 hour interactive session with a group of 6 members of the forum.
The main areas covered in the session were:

1. Stress and burnout – work-life imbalance
2. Men, stress and evolution
3. Chronic Stress: Stress and Brain
4. Causes of stress
5. Let’s get personal – personality and stress
6. Other Risk Factors
7. Men and emotions
8. Who will save us?
9. The ‘new normal’: Paradigm shift
10. Neuroplasticity and stress
11. Mindfulness to the rescue
12. Empathy and Gratitude: Key to Happiness

The session was well received by the entrepreneurs.Everyone participated and put forth their view points. They could relate to the issues mentioned in the session; it was evident from their questions, eagerness to share their experiences and frequent smiles and nods.
Keeping in mind the active participation and level of motivation shown by the members, we feel that there is ample scope and need to spread awareness on such topics.
Besides working on other areas of mental health, this is a small step taken by the Mind Research Foundation in the Tricity region where men needs are being addressed. We look forward to organizing similar events in the future with a hope to create constructive dialogue and a brighter future.