Sukhman Randhawa

Sukhman Randhawa is a qualified Psychologist /Counsellor with extensive knowledge of rehabilitation, support, quality care, therapy, techniques and practices, community issues, group work and experience in providing care and support to clients who are socially excluded and have experienced hardships and trauma in their lives. She has worked as a special educator at Mount Carmel School in addition to working as a psychologist/counsellor at BRAIN Insight. She possesses the ability to empathize with individuals whilst giving high standard of care and retaining a realistic and an objective approach to their therapy and treatment. She has worked as a special educator at Mount Carmel School in addition to working as a psychologist/counsellor at BRAIN Insight.
Sukhman pursued her degree of Psychology from Punjab University Chandigarh. Her main domains were: applied psychology and abnormal psychology, organisational psychology, counselling and life span development. During her research and work experience she has been engaged in the study and treatment of delinquents, children with learning disabilities, autism and patients with psychotic disorders, neurological disorders and learning disabilities.
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With Research as her forte many of her participated projects engaged conducting the experiment, analysing the data, writing up procedures and documents that not only enriched her knowledge but also helped her gain interest and enhance her skills in the area of research work.
She finds working with The Mind Research Foundation as a great opportunity to enhance her career as she is getting a chance to learn in abundance and utilize the gained knowledge in the prevalent or existing domains of psychology while bringing about a change and widen the scope of psychology.
In her words : “ The origin, trends and the use of knowledge for understanding consciousness, mechanisms and processes of human mind can be traced through the philosophies, religious texts like the Bhagavad-Gita, political treaties and reform movements which can be seen in the rich intellectual traditions of India. There is a need for new trends and prospective which would help us identify the problems relating to the inhibiting factors which determine the course of wellbeing, discovery, prevention, care and cure in INDIA and The Mind Research Foundation is helping me just do that”
In addition to her academic and work experiences, she also possess a great deal of patience, ethics, communication skills, trustworthiness and respect for patient confidentiality.