Are you thriving in life?

Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with each of the following
statements using the scale below.
1 Strongly Disagree
2 Disagree
3 Neither Agree nor Disagree
4 Agree
5 Strongly Agree
1.There are people I can depend on to help me
2.There are people who give me support and encouragement
3.There are people who appreciate me as a person
4.I pitch in to help when my local community needs something done
5.I invite my neighbors to my home
6.I look for ways to help my neighbors when they are in need
7.I can trust people in my society
8.People in my neighborhood can be trusted
9.Most people I meet are honest
10.People respect me
11.People are polite to me
12.I am treated with the same amount of respect as others
13.I feel lonely
14.I often feel left out
15.There is no one I feel close to
16.I feel a sense of belonging in my community
17.I feel a sense of belonging in my state or province
18.I feel a sense of belonging in my country
19.I get fully absorbed in activities I do
20.In most activities I do, I feel energized
21.I get excited when I work on something
22.I use my skills a lot in my everyday life
23.I frequently use my talents
24.I get to do what I am good at everyday
25.I learned something new yesterday
26.Learning new things is important to me
27.I always learn something everyday
28.I am achieving most of my goals
29.I am fulfilling my ambitions
30.I am on track to reach my dreams
31.I can succeed if I put my mind to it
32.I am confident that I can deal with unexpected events
33.I believe that I am capable in most things
34.What I do in life is valuable and worthwhile
35.The things I do contribute to society
36.The work I do is important for other people
37.Other people decide most of my life decisions
38.The life choices I make are not really mine
39.Other people decide what I can and cannot do
40.My life has a clear sense of purpose
41.I have found a satisfactory meaning in life
42.I know what gives meaning to my life
43.I am optimistic about my future
44.I have a positive outlook on life
45.I expect more good things in my life than bad
46.In most ways my life is close to my ideal
47.I am satisfied with my life
48.My life is going well
49.I feel positive most of the time
50.I feel happy most of the time
51.I feel good most of the time
52.I feel negative most of the time
53.I experience unhappy feelings most of the time
54.I feel bad most of the time