Testimonial 1
“It was a really great experience, she was really supportive throughout my sessions, and guided me to live a better life. She really helped me in looking above my problems, come out of the misery which we create when a problem is thrown at us. She also helped me in taking a positive approach to my life, an approach where you accept your mistake and learn from it.
With patience, a lot can be achieved, I would highly recommend Ms. Arpitha Ravishankar.”
Testimonial 2
“Ms Arpitha he been extremely patient and given me the space and time I’ve needed to trudge through varying levels and layers of issues. It has helped me to know that I have an objective confidant I can bring my thoughts and often questions to.”
Testimonial 3
“Great listener. Rachna is good with asking questions to gauge the patients and provide assessments. Sessions were planned and executed in such a way which resulted in continuous improvement.
Testimonial 4
Very open and exploratory approach to therapy sessions. Felt like she (Rachna) was a great thought partner throughout.  Some tangible and practical advice was given. Made me feel like she was really invested in my progress.”
Testimonial 4
“She is good, she listens to you with patience. And creates a friendly environment which makes it easier for discussion. Very good therapist and psychologist. It was a great experience with miss Dimple. Her skills and knowledge helped me a lot to come out of my state. Thank you for everything!!”
Testimonial 5
“Ms Arpitha has been my therapist since September 2015, and since then I have been seeing her on and off. I found her to be extremely helpful, I always felt a great degree better after my sessions with her. Her patience and kindness really eased me into the sessions, because before this I had never been to a therapist and it was slightly frightening at first. I can honestly say that I have been getting a lot better because of her help and would definitely suggest her as a therapist to any person who required one.”- Maya Jaishanakar
Testimonial 6
“It was excellent. She (Sindhushri) listens to all my problems and explained why I am getting and how she is going to treat me.”
Testimonial 7
“When I had to go to dentist, trust me I was taking anti anxiety pill bcs I was so scared of the treatment. When I took treatment with Dr.Sandeep I was so surprised bcs even after completing the treatment I never felt that the procedure was done. Literally I didn’t feel anxious nor scared. I would recommend 100% to visit him.
Testimonial 9
Good and interactive. Suggested many ideas to keep the tooth healthier. I will be recommending to my family and friends.The filling just came perfect, didn’t feel if anything happened. Doctor (Sandeep) believes in prevention.”
Testimonial 8
“She (Dr. Suhasini) is very good and friendly. Asked me about all minute details with patience. She knows what she is doing really well.Very understanding. Gives real-life examples. Doesn’t over medicate or drastically reduce medication all of a sudden.”
Testimonial 9
“Since few months , I was not able to manage my emotions and behavioral patterns. Constant feeling of sadness and despair crippled my mind.
I started attending sessions with Harnoor, 3 weeks ago. After the second session , I could actually feel happiness building inside me. I started feeling alive, like I was woken up after a long sleep. Third session was quite a breakthrough.
Continue progress review has given me a better understanding of my thoughts and feelings. Never knew talking could provide such a healing effect. Looking forward for more sessions.”
~Ms. Isha

Testimonials from our Practo Clients

Rajesh: She diagnosed my problem immediately and told me that I’ll be alright soon. She is very understanding and considerate and hears out Ur problem very patiently.
User: Very good experience with Rachna very helpful and amazing. I know myself much better now and I know I have control over my actions.
Prathyusha Kokku: Ms Arpitha he been extremely patient and given me the space and time I’ve needed to trudge through varying levels and layers of issues. It has helped me to know that I have an objective confidant I can bring my thoughts and often questions to.
Mudita Yadav: It was good, i will continue my sessions.
Verified Patient: Good ,more focused, quick in analysing and had well planned secessions, thought good tools for better resolution
Thank u n
All the best
Verified Patient: She is one of the special person who helped me to deal with the thouhts and and the bad phase of my life and get through it.I am really thankful to her for DAT.
Verified Patient: Rachna made me feel completely at home with her polite nature. Coming to terms with reality was a must for me and she was there with me for this all the way long. Coming to her was the best decision I took,it feels right,,
Great job…
Verified Patient: Friendly and helpful .
Yes. Techniques were practical and useful.
And also friendly and helpful.
Counselling was practical
Chandru R Hannikeri: Happy with: Doctor friendliness
Its was nice first session, she took the details of all the problems, listed them out and wanted to treat one by one.
Good session
Verified Patient: My experience with the counselor was good. I have received a positive vibe. looking forward to get better.
Verified Patient: Rachana is the best. I have been to a lot of counsellors before, but no one was as effective as her. She is very emphatic and dedicated. After meeting her, I have felt a lot of freedom and relief. Iam absolutely grateful to her.
MIDHUN D C: Ms.Rachna was truly professional with me.I went in broken;*** ******* **** * ***** **** *** *** ****** ** ********** *******helped me realise more about why I feel what I feel.I have applied what she taught me and yes,I can confidently say I have become better and stronger as a person.
She is very attentive to what you have to say and her advices/suggestions are based on what you say and not pre-determined.
Niraj: Ms Rachna has helped me a lot she listened to all my problems and after discussion we came with an effective solution. All her suggestions have sound logic behind them. These sessions helped me a lot and I feel much better
Verified Patient: ****** ** ********** ********** She empathise, doesn’t judge and says “it’s okay” for the nonsense we do.
I really like my therapy sessions and they are benefitting me immensely.
I still have several more to go. Will update on the results after.
Verified Patient: Doctor listened to the problems well and gave a good counseling and all her approach were practical.
Verified Patient: Good sessions and process
Verified Patient: The doctor is really helpful, patient to listen, and you will certainly feel positive after a couple of appoitments.
Verified Patient: Very good experience with the doctor. Highly recommended!
Ankur: ****** *** ************* ** *** ***** *** listened to problems with patience before suggesting course of therapy. Greatly benefited from sessions. Overall a positive experience.
Sharon: The session was very productive, it helped me gain a better insight about myself and how to deal with the present emotions effectively.
Saumyadip Dasgupta: Doctor is very patient and listens to the problems very carefully.Doctor is having skills to analyze and get to the problems before suggesting the proper approach to act on it.Benefited greatly.
Rajesh K: It was a great experience. Had three sessions with Dr Srijita. She is very patient and has helped me to understand my issues very clearly. Greatly benefited.
Tapati: Good. recommend. ability to listen to problems. explains back diagnosis. polite. the center is also well furnished. doctor has experience.
Prasanth Bn: ********* ************* *** *******. Deep dived into problems patiently for two sessions before suggesting a therapy plan. Explained the diagnosis in depth. Still undergoing therapy but results are positive.
Verified Patient: I was in a very bad state mentally when I visited Srijita. She helped me identify the problem areas and dealt with them one by one.
Now I am much better.
*** ** ***** *************
Verified Patient: She is very friendly , which makes it very easy to freely discuss my problems. She takes a rational and practical approach to come with the solution and it was really helpful.
Verified Patient: Doctor is very patient and listens very carefully. Had two sessions with her. They were really eye opening. Great experience. Looking forward to the remaining sessions.
Verified Patient: Srijita is very good at analyzing a situation and providing the right insight. She helps me see the good in me.
Verified Patient: It was great experience. She listen up very well. Will try to explain the root cause. explained very well theoretically and practically.
Abhilash Cherukat: It’s was excellent.She listen to,all my problems and explained why I am getting and how she is going to treat me.
Preetam Raikar: Treatment was nice. I am feeling better now. For further treatment I will be visiting too.
Verified Patient: The whole team of Athoz is extremely professional and well qualified. They go out all the way to make sure that you feel comfortable. Every therapist in the centre is accommodative of your needs. The knowledge and dedication that the team displays is unmatchable.
James: Nice center and very good team
K Sivakumar: Good, she could understand the problem.
Verified Patient: Well maintained clinic with soothing ambience. Would surely recommend sunshine to others.
Verified Patient: Good sessions and helpful
Verified Patient: Good treatment and tools
Lavanya: She was very sweet and listened to the problems patiently. would like to visit her for the next session as well
Verified Patient: I have had one session here and it was good. Ms Sneha S’ approach was logical. She set realistic expectations about how the counselling will be progressed and where she would and would not be able to help. She also listened to various aspects of the problem, asking questions when necessary, before deciding how to progress with the counselling. Suggested a few simple things which were helpful. Communication was crisp, quite an efficient utilization of the the limited counselling time.
Verified Patient: Good experience. would recommend her. helped me a lot. working on my issues with the tips provided..
Verified Patient: I went had a session with Dr Kavya. Just a 15 minutes session. After those 15 minutes i felt like I had 15 tonnes had been taken off my chest. She was very constructive in her approach. Felt very good after the therapy. Would recommend Dr Kavyashree.
Mr. Santhosh Hiremath: Dr.kavyashree is very practical, down to earth. Her advice are very helpful and addressed our problem directly. They are very specific to the problem faced and actionable in nature.
We appreciated her approach so much that we wish to continue our consultation with her on a long term basis as we think that she can provide valuable suggestions to the problems that we as a couple face.
Samyami: I would recommend Kavyashree. Really she is very empathetic and could easily understand my daughter’s problem. After taking counselling from her, she is doing lot better. She also motivated her a lot. She is completely out of her problems now and doing really well. She has come out of depression and she has become very active. I could make out the difference soon after the first session itself. Thank you Kavyashree.
Verified Patient: I had anxiety and odd problems when I came here. Dr.Kavya really helped me get a grip on the techniques. She taught me that amidst all the rubble, I was still myself and after years of suffering, I had a fee days when I felt that I was old myself again how I was before all these problems began.
Although I felt that most of my childhood had been squandered by being depressed, I felt and feel like that child has been reborn in me again. It feels like I have been granted wishes by a Genie to redo or correct my mistakes through this consultation. I finally feel like I have been given a second shot at childhood. Thank you so much doctor. Every session with kavyashree is worth the amount. She is amazing.
Nitin: She was very good and understanding. Her approach towards the problems very really good. I am feeling much better after completing the counselling. I would easily recommend her for anyone.
Teja: I had visited this centre for my anger management. And I met Dr.kavyahree. after 4 sessions, I could see changes in myself. I’m more patients than before.
Aarohi: The treatment for my daughter with Kavyashree was actually very good. And there are significant change in her personality and behavior.
Satish: It is very good experience having been here. After taking treatment by Dr.Kavyashree, my son’s behavior is changing day by day. I’m happy about it. Thank you Kavyashree. My rating is 5 out of 5.
Verified Patient: I came here with lot of depression because of the problems I was facing. But after coming here and attending three sessions I really feel far better and I’m almost out of my problem and able to move on with my work.
Dr.Kavya who counselled me was really very helpful for me to come out of my problem. I had an excellent time with her. She clearly made me understand what are the things that’s happeniNg around me and how to come out of those things. Its only because of her that I have come back to my normal life. I’m really grateful to her and Athoz clinic.
Ms. Shruthy: It was very refreshing and provided me with greater insights on myself on a personal level
Verified Patient: My doctor was courteous and took time to explain things. Overall experience is good. I will surely recommend her to others as well.
Mast. Sachin: Happy and satisfied,
In first session itself she could identify the cause,
Elizabeth Johnson: The doctor was very keen in understanding the issue.
Verified Patient: She is patient, understanding and extremely helpful. Dr Kavyashree has been of big part of the reason why I’ve been able to control my mood swings and addiction to smoking. And as crazy as this might sound, I’ve adopted a more patient and an understanding approach to situations and people around me on observing how she has handled me as a patient.
Vandana: Gud nice service athoz
Verified Patient: I came here with loss of interest in anything but not knowing the reason for my loss of interest. Kavyashree was able to recognise my problem which was suppressed through her techniques. And also she is successful in dealing with my problem. She motivated a lot.
Chirotpal Das: All staff are very well behaved and friendly
Preetam Raikar: Good experience. Price policy is good.
Verified Patient: Clinic setting is very nice, friendly and professional.
Verified Patient: Very cordial atmosphere and clean environment.
Verified Patient: Good ambience. Cordial staff
Verified Patient: An exceptional person. Very compassionate, Listens very patiently and understands very well the problem of the patient and provides very good coping skills, Valuable Insights, does teach and helped me practice Mindfulness meditation techniques. Overall she helped me deal with the trouble from a wide range of angles and brought me the solutions of the problem perfectly.
Highly recommend !
Verified Patient: Overall the experience was good… I found a good change in my child….hope this change in him in good sense continues further…..we would be following the instructions given by you and hope the best for him
Verified Patient: Great person with magical confidence and guide you through the cornered situation and really helpful motivation to focus on career . thank you kavyashree. I’m glad
Verified Patient: I’ve had a very good very experience with the doctor. Made me think about life in a larger perspective with regard to goal, target and the magical question !
Verified Patient: Kavyashree was very patient with my child and suggested techniques that we could easily apply at home. There have been positive behavioral changes in my son since the counselling sessions. I would definitely recommend her.
Verified Patient: I’m very happy about the way in which I’m being treated.I’m very confident that I’m going to be cured fully. I’m very much thankfully to kavyashree and suhasini.
Verified Patient: It was a great experience. Therapy sessions were very helpful. Look forward to consulting with Kavyashree in the future when the need arises. Thank you Kavya for the sessions.
Mr. Manoj Kumar: Dr sonam is excellent in her job ,and care taking attitude towards patients

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