Thought Leadership

Inspiring work of exceptional leaders
The Mind Research Foundation endeavors to build a global network of world-class Thought Leaders, Consultants, Facilitators and Coaches who are experts in their fields and passionate about Mental Health. Our thought leadership is an interactive model where we welcome leaders from all the fields to be on one platform.
The three way model:
1. Engage – to support people throughout their journey by providing opportunities to hone leadership skills through coaching, mentoring and training activities etc.
2. Empower – to support people by providing guidance regarding mental health etc.
3. Enable – to provide opportunities for professionals/ students to grow personally and professionally through entrepreneurship opportunities, active involvement in community services, etc.
We aim to draw on the collective experience of our network of members to advise us and pave way for an optimistic & realistic future of Mental Health. Our Intellectual Collaborators are some of the most thought provoking leaders from the world of psychology, neurology, psychiatry, brain research, academia, and leading corporate houses from across the world. It is their realization of the changing world that our clinical interventions, developmental programs and research interventions are designed to enable young practitioners understand the future needs and act on them today.
University of MIlan
Our Thought Leaders are authentic – they’d say what they mean and they’d mean what they say. They have a superior understanding of their environment and as such are able to recognize and leverage opportunities in behavioral health. They have clarity of vision and are able to communicate it and no matter the circumstances, they are able to guide us through. Our  Thought leaders are people who combine warmth, humanity and passion with technical expertise – bringing the head and the heart together as one. They set direction and provide guidance plus years combined experience in professional services. We love people who do great things. We are inspired by these people who are connected with us and are pleased to share them with you. 
Our list of Thought Leaders will grow as we identify more exceptional leaders and specialists with cutting edge perspectives.
Be a part of this initiative, write to us info@themindresearchfoundation.org and be a LEADER !

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