Mental health concerns are at the center of our focus as we feel passionately about joining hands with volunteers in our effort to impact the community on this burning issue.
Today’s dynamically changing & challenging times has led to immense increase in various mental health related issues like stress, anxiety, depression and so on creating an immense requirement for promoting Good Mental Health especially to the youth, children and professionals owing to their vulnerability and unrealistic expectations from the world around.
In order to curb the problem at the grass-roots level focus needs to be placed onto spreading the message via different channels to all members of the public.
Now more than ever, we need people from diversified backgrounds to join hands with us to navigate through the stigma that surrounds mental health. We believe that engaging people in this noble cause will empower and strengthen the society with the message spreading to all corners.
Volunteers who wish to join hands with us need to be strong, self-motivated and self- driven with a zest to make a difference to the society. They need to be strong believers of Good Mental Health with an eye to detail, capable of addressing topics on mental health and emotional wellness to educational institutions, corporates and the community at large.
The Mindset has to change in order to de-stigmatize mental health problem and accept the fact that the problem does exist and create a positive change for a better tomorrow.
If you want to be part of our Voluntary program, write to us at info@themindresearchfoundation.org.