We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our range of treatments and services can provide assistance to individuals, couples, families, children, and the geriatric population. We offer support for a wide range of issues including;

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and you can reach out to us for more information on the same.

Behavioral issuesStressCommunication issuesParental issuesLoneliness
Academic issuesGrief/ LossAnger managementRole conflictEmpty nest syndrome
Peer pressureTraumaConflict resolutionWork-life balanceDementia
Developmental difficultiesAnger managementIntimacy buildingParental supportStress
Increase psychological immunityEmotion managementCaregiver supportDisease-based support
Anger issuesMemory issuesGeriatric supportPhysical disability
Concentration issuesSleep issuesConflict resolutionLoss/Grief
Change of environmentPsychosomatic issuesChange of environment
LonelinessSleep issues
Self-esteem and body imageMemory issues

Clinical issues like:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Personality disorders
  4. Learning disabilities like ADHD, autism
  5. Mood disorders
  6. Addiction
  7. Substance abuse
  8. Eating disorders