Young Psychologist Programme

We are inviting Individuals who are interested to understand more about Psychology and willing to  contribute to their community

Minimum Qualification: Student pursuing any Graduate or Post Graduate Course
Age: 18-25
Scholarship Available: Up to 70%

Mental Health & Psychology

Mental health and wellness are critical aspects of our overall well-being. Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which individuals can realize their potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to their community. On the other hand, wellness is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being that encompasses a variety of factors that contribute to an individual’s overall health and happiness. The opportunity to prioritize and improve our mental health and wellness has become increasingly important in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s mental health, with many individuals experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, the rise of social media and other digital technologies has led to a heightened awareness of mental health issues and the need for more proactive approaches to promoting mental health and wellness.

Programme Outlines

The Young Psychologist Programme allows students to understand real life applications in the field of Psychology. Learn from top psychologists as they guide you through a series of interactive sessions.

An Interactive class:
You will be guided by leading psychologists who will help you participate in a variety of interactive activities such as:
– Conducting a live initial assessment and suggesting the most suitable treatment as part of Clinical Psychology
– Conducting an in-depth risk assessment of a criminal and developing an effective treatment plan as part of Forensic Psychology
– Researching the psychological development of children and carrying out assessments with the assistance of a top educational psychologist as part of Educational Psychology.

Career Understanding:
– Receive training on how to achieve career goals with an action plan to enter the field and start their career.
– Experts will coach them on various aspects such as making various choices, selecting universities and degrees, taking part in extra-curricular activities, gaining work experience, and mastering application and interview techniques.

A Session with Leading Psychologists:
– Listen to accomplished psychologists and get answers to your most pressing questions
– Psychologists with diverse backgrounds such as Clinical, Forensic, Educational and more

Enhance Your Career Prospects:
– Participation indicates that you have acquired crucial skills such as communication, empathy, and teamwork.
– After completing the program, take the online assessment and receive a personalized certificate that you can include in your job applications.


Case discussions in psychology refer to the process of analyzing and interpreting a specific case study. This method is used to gain insight into a particular psychological issue, often in a clinical setting. It involves exploring the patient’s background, presenting symptoms, and personal circumstances to help identify the underlying cause of their mental health condition.


Role-play is a technique used in psychology to help individuals develop skills and improve their ability to interact with others. This method involves acting out scenarios and assuming different roles, often with the assistance of a trained therapist or counselor.

In psychology, role-play can be used in various contexts, such as in therapy sessions or as part of training programs for mental health professionals. It is particularly useful for helping individuals practice and develop skills such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.


Volunteering in psychology involves giving your time and skills to help support individuals or organizations in the field of psychology. This can include working with individuals with mental health conditions, assisting with research projects, or participating in outreach programs to raise awareness about mental health.

There are various opportunities available for volunteering in psychology, such as volunteering at hospitals or clinics, working with non-profit organizations, or participating in community-based mental health programs. Volunteering in psychology can provide a rewarding experience and an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.


Research is a critical component of psychology that involves the systematic investigation of human behavior and mental processes. In psychology, research may take many forms, including experimental studies, observational studies, case studies, surveys, and meta-analyses.

Our Four Pillars


Positive Pschology

Thought Centric Approach

Mindfulness-Based Interventions

How does it work?


All student are eligible to enrol in the programme by paying the enrolment fees.


Regular discussions and weekly meetings happen online for each group of students. Tasks and project work is given for self learning.


Continue your learning journey by extending the programme as per your learning needs.


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