Psychology Internship

We are inviting Psychology Students who are looking to intern as part of their curriculum.

Minimum Qualification: Pursuing/ Completed a Bachelors or Post Graduate Degree in Psychology
Internship Inclusions: Practical Training & Learning, Case Management, Treatment Planning, Assessment and Testing, Documentation and Reporting, Ethical and Legal Considerations
Training Mode: Online
1-2 Months
Fees: INR 11,000
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Internship Inclusions

MRF psychology internship includes a supervised placement in a professional setting where individuals can gain practical experience and apply their theoretical knowledge. The internship can vary depending on factors such as the type of internship, the specialization of the intern, and the requirements of the educational institution.

Practical Training & Learning:
Interns get the opportunity to work directly with Psychologists who manage & support a variety of clients. This involves understanding about various therapy techniques and developing treatment plans.
Case Management: Interns understand managing client cases, which includes tasks such as maintaining client records, organizing treatment plans, coordinating appointments, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals involved in the client’s care.
Assessment and Testing: Interns learn about psychological assessments and testing processes. This can include sample administering and scoring standardized psychological tests, conducting interviews, and interpreting assessment results to inform diagnosis and treatment planning.
Treatment Planning: Interns get the opportunity to contribute to treatment planning for clients, working closely with supervisors and other team members to develop effective and evidence-based treatment strategies tailored to individual client needs.
Documentation and Reporting: Interns are understand the process of maintaining accurate and confidential client records, writing progress notes, and preparing reports related to assessment findings, treatment progress, and outcomes.
Ethical and Legal Considerations: Internships typically include training on ethical principles, confidentiality, informed consent, and other legal and ethical considerations relevant to the practice of psychology. Interns learn to navigate ethical dilemmas and adhere to professional standards in their clinical work.
Reflective Practice: Interns are encouraged to engage in reflective practice, which involves self-reflection, self-awareness, and critical evaluation of their experiences and professional development. This process supports personal growth, enhances clinical judgment, and fosters a commitment to lifelong learning.

Curriculum & Topics covered

MSE and Case Planning: 3 Sessions
Case History and MSE
Treatment plan and goal setting

Understanding commonly prevalent disorders: 5 Sessions
Anxiety: Social anxiety, GAD, Panic disorder, Health anxiety, assessments and psychiatrist need, case presentation
Mood disorders: MDD, Dysthymia, BPAD (1&2), assessments and psychiatrist need, case presentation
Personality disorders: Introduction to clusters, Cluster b (BPD), Cluster c (DPD), assessments and psychiatrist need, case presentation
Obsessive-compulsive disorder: OCD cycle, Types of OCD, assessments and psychiatrist need, case presentation
Psychosis: Schizophrenia, MDD, BPAD, Schizotypal, assessments and psychiatrist need, case presentation

Therapy techniques and skills required: 5 Sessions
Cognitive behavioural therapy: ABC model, principles of CBT, application of CBT, Socratic questioning, decatastrophisation, cognitive restructuring
Dialectical behavior therapy: Mindfulness, interpersonal affectiveness, distress tolerance, Emotional regulation, distress tolerance
Acceptance and commitment therapy: Psychological flexibility, experiential avoidance, values, committed action

Group & Case Discussions: 10 Sessions
Group Case presentations: Team presentations for different subject cases including treatment planning
Role plays: Individual & team role play for therapy process understanding

Overall duration: 23 sessions (45 days)
Duration of each session: 60-90 minutes



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