Ramandeep Grewal


Perseverant, patient, determined and a hard worker having no match; Ramandeep is a Technology Wizard and the Chief Technology Officer at The Mind Research Foundation presenting the business with all the technological options, including comprehensive assessments that meet the organizational needs primarily linking The Thought care services to the end user. Unbiased in approach he has an open view and does not advocate for a particular brand of technology. Ramandeep works as the enterprise architect and technology architect to ensure that the technology solutions that have been proposed are aligned with existing technologies and that they are the most cost efficient solution for the business.He is also an android, ASP .net developer with 12+ years of experience in Application development. He has been the backbone of the IT Division and without doubt one of the greatest asset to the organisation![expand title=”Read More”]
Ramandeep directs the creation and review of an enterprise capability strategy to support the strategic requirements of the business. He also directs development of enterprise-wide architecture and processes which ensure that the strategic application of change is embedded in the management of the organisation. He also ensures compliance between business strategies, enterprise transformation activities and technology directions, setting strategies, policies, standards and practices.
A fitness freak he is a 24×7 go-to person whose only love other than his work is Kick-boxing!