Affirmations for Anxiety


Affirmations are positive statements that help in reducing the anxiety and not increase the fearful emotions. Anxiety caused by physical issues like hormonal imbalance, struggling with another illness’ cognitive issues like negative self belief, believing we are ‘our thoughts’. The mind and body perceives danger,sends a message to the adrenal gland to begin the stress hormones which manifests as body symptoms. The amygdala does not stop there, it believes that you are in danger so it keeps focussing on danger saying” we are not OK”
Affirmations of any kind send a message to our brain ” I am fine, We are not in danger” since scary thoughts that confirm we are in danger are read by the brain as ‘ we are not ok’ hence anxiety lasts longer. Positive Affirmations send a message to our brain” I am OK, We’re not in danger” will reduce the stress hormones and manifests that we have control over anxious thoughts helping us to pause before we react. This allows us to calm our mind and body saying” No danger here”.
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