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What is Stress? Everybody experiences stress in day-to-day life. Traffic, work deadlines, illness, relationship troubles—life is full of stressors. Even

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Suicidal Thoughts & Behavior

What are Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior? Everybody struggles in life. It’s normal to feel sadness, despair, anxiety, and stress from

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Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmations are positive statements that help in reducing the anxiety and not increase the fearful emotions. Anxiety caused by physical

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Grounding technique

Learning how to ground yourself before the thoughts begin to spiral. Grounding Techniques help us to stay in the present

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Will i ever be Happy again?

Dealing with Discouragement and Despair It has been estimated that at least one in three people experience depression and despair

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Dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit sed quia

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Impact Report 2018-19

The Mind Research Foundation has emerged as a forerunner in using scientifically proven, advanced, evidence-based psychological interventions for a wide

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