Come out to yourself…face your fears!

Face your Fears 1

Faced with a job interview or a driving test, a  premonition works its way up from the depths of your mind and says “ I shall fail”; I haven’t got it in me…Where others could welcome a challenge , you know before you begin what the dismal result will be. You excuse yourself. “I am fated. It’s just my luck. I never expected to succeed.”

You may make a joke of it, but this negativity has subtly rooted itself in your being. You have accepted that you are less able than other people.

If you are like this you may wonder if it is possible to change. Can such a person ever become spontaneous and optimistic?

Professor Sigmund Freud and other pioneers in the psychological field have made it possible to penetrate the mystery of negative feeling and discover a way out.

The best hope of release is in psychoanalysis. But this is beyond the means of many people. What I say here, therefore, is to those for whom such a course is impossible. I believe that if you seriously attack this problem and persevere, you will find such relief that you will feel like a different person.

Face your Fears 3

The right way to tackle the problem of negative emotion is:
• To trace its inner history
• To understand its meaning

 This enables the sufferer to be fully aware of what he is doing, and so to radically change his attitudes. Such a change is most important because it is our attitudes (both conscious and unconscious) and not our circumstances that create events.

If your habitual negative feelings are to change, you have some important work to do on yourself.

Trace the emotional history of your attitude. In the ordinary way, this is impossible. You are up against a blank wall. The emotional history of your first five years of life is closed to you. You resist bringing back the pain of those early chapters of life.

Understand its significance. If you can trace by phantasy your early emotional history you will soon become aware that negativity and tragedy are the tap roots of your emotional life.

They are basic habits of thinking and emotion, which have always decided your reaction to events. They are dictated by life as you have known it.

Perhaps you realize now that your young experience told you that life was a fraud. You experienced little love, caring warmth or vitality.

You became the tragedian, taking the only compensations life offered- self-pity, and a masochistic attitude. You played the martyr, the person inevitably left out. This became the substance of your emotional life. This diet however miserable has kept you going through the years. You stick to your negativity because you dare not let it go. Can you really change? I believe that with effort you can.

Here are way as to build successfully on your new understanding:

Convince yourself that change is possible…It is possible because the alternative to your meal of cynicism and self-pity is not emptiness as our fear, but a richer emotional feast than anything you have known. Only as you become aware of this truth, can change take place.

And the fact is that happiness and success are more fulfilling than cynicism and failure. This is a truth to be taken afresh every day. As you work with this reality and think over allow yourself to breathe more deeply.

Whenever a biting remark leaps to your mind, try changing it into a compliment. Difficult? Yes! At times almost impossible. But then this is a somersault of inner attitudes and you must expect difficulties.

The process as Dr. Leslie Weatherhead, the famous preacher would say is like:
Face your Fears 2

“A major operation without anesthesia where you are both the surgeon and the patient. You cannot change and at the same time retain the deep cynicism in which you have always trusted and found comfort. But of this you can be sure: warmth, tenderness and understanding are more satisfying emotions than negativity and biting criticism. If you can get yourself to believe this in your heart, you will go forward to success. You will have the new sensation that the black clouds of negativity are beginning to roll away and the sunshine is breaking through to give colour to your life.