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Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mind Research Foundation’s underlying commitment is to ensure that our research brings benefit to not just patients and vulnerable people, who are diagnosed, supported and cared for, or at risk, because of mental health needs; but to enable people embrace mental health as a part of their overall wellbeing.

The Mind Research Foundation has a strong commitment towards increasing the overall understanding of mental health and applying new advancements in research for improving patient outcomes

Research is one of the most important ways that we can improve the quality and effectiveness of the services we offer our patients

The Mind Research Foundation conducts and supports Research that is in-line with the foundation’s prime areas of operation, which may help find newer avenues and applications.

All of our research focuses on contributing to the evidence base for the prevention of mental ill-health and the promotion of overall mental health and wellbeing. We use research to guide our work and the work of others. The Mind Research Foundation and its staff, have collaborative relationships with a diverse range of research Institutions and Centres across the globe.

Whilst philosophically informed, much of our research has direct implications for system development from policy to practice including therapeutic interventions and the roles and relationships that promote good service delivery. We examine the development and evaluation of new ways of working and different approaches to and models of care, with emphasis upon service user collaboration.

MRF efforts in mental health research encompass a broad range of activities: research projects that directly address mental health questions; training and capacity building; and underpinning research projects, resources and facilities that support the field.

Our commitment is towards practical improvements in mental healthcare that results in improved people perspectives towards mental health as a field of work.

Research is a big priority at The Mind Research Foundation and we have invested in the development of a high quality and comprehensive research initiatives, including one of the dedicated clinical trials facilities for mental health research.
We have research links to a number of organisations across the globe. Research outcomes are disseminated through peer-reviewed publications, writing for media, conference presentations, and other national and international forums.

In the first of its kind and unique collaborative effort MRF has brought together PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research) Chandigarh and Boston (United States of America) based “Langer Mindfulness Institute” headed by Dr. Ellen Langer, Ph.D., a social psychologist and the first female professor to gain tenure in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. As an organization focusing on Mind and Thought research, MRF in collaboration with The Langer Mindfulness Institute is conducting a research with PGIMER on “Mindfulness Based Interventions for Men with Prostate Cancer”.

At MRF; we firmly believe that inclusive and partnership approaches in research and service development can help to meet the needs of both people, who use health care services, and people and organizations who provide them.

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