Kevin* is a 26-year-old male who was addicted to porn and was prone to compulsive masturbation. It started affecting his daily functioning and he had a hard time taking control of his day, causing significant emotional distress and feelings of shame and guilt. He started feeling isolated and misunderstood due to his excessive sexual behavior. Since he found it extremely difficult to control, it also impacted his dating life. And because of the nature of the problem, he wasn’t comfortable discussing this with his close friends. He was hesitant to seek therapy because he felt ashamed and embarrassed about his condition. But eventually, he found the courage to reach out for help at The Mind Research Foundation and was connected to one of our psychologists.

Through therapy, Kevin* learned the root causes of his problem, including past trauma and anxiety, and how to manage his urges in healthy ways. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a specific form of behavioral therapy, helped him recognize and challenge his negative thoughts and behaviors related to sex. He was also taught mindfulness techniques to help him regulate his emotions and impulses. He learned to recognize and challenge his negative thoughts and behaviors related to sex and developed a better understanding of his triggers and underlying emotions.

With time, his compulsive need to masturbate and watch porn began to fade, and he felt more in control of his life. He started to rebuild relationships with family and friends, and he even began dating again, but this time in a healthy and respectful manner. He knew that he would continue to use the skills he learned in therapy to maintain his recovery. In the end, Kevin’s* journey taught him that seeking help is a sign of strength. With the right support and the willingness to change and process his maladaptive behaviors, he found that he could take back control of his life for the better!

(*names changed for anonymity)