Conscious Parenting

The duty of Parents to help their child make the transition from childhood to adulthood has become very important in today’s competitive world. With everyone constantly judging and grading the child’s behaviour, it has become a need for the parents to provide the necessary confidence and positive reinforcement to increase confidence, independence, self- esteem and decrease role confusion and other negative attitudes.

In light of the above, Sarvodaya National Public School organized a parenting session on Conscious Parenting in collaboration with The Mind Research Foundation.

The main aim of the session was to provide an insight on how the journey of parenting has changed in the last couple of years and make parents aware of New- Age parenting approaches like Mindful and Collaborative parenting.  

The environment in which a child is brought up plays a very important role in shaping who they are and what they become.

As times change, parenting approaches should also change accordingly. Traditional parenting styles no longer hold good in today’s challenging times. To stay connected and develop positive relations with the child there is a need to approach parenting in a more collaborative manner by working with the child and establishing effective two way communication, only then can we have a better tomorrow.